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Typewriter Repair

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What Can Tech Team Do For You?

Tech Team Solutions works with you and your business to apply business process knowledge and common sense to your technology investment and your computing needs.

The “Team” is the combination of you and your business with Tech Team Solutions. We will work with many other resources to bring the best and most cost effective solution to you.

Tech Team Solutions efforts are focused on providing you the best service and products available. Planning ahead is a major thrust of the services we provide.

Tech Team Solutions works as your IT Department to give you confidence in knowing your technology investment is being monitored and maintained, not just patched together and repaired when broken. Your equipment and needs are kept in mind to provide a planned approach to updates and upgrades.

Today, many small businesses are faced with mandates from customers, vendors, and government entities for information reporting.
Tech Team Solutions is familiar with these types of situations and will work with you to not only meet the need, but try to do so while placing your business in a better position as a result.

A History Lesson, Tech Team Style

Tech Team Solutions is owned and operated by Todd Drunagel. Todd has nearly 20 years of technical experience in Winchester for small, mid-sized, and large corporations.

He was a successful co-owner of a local business before working for a restaurant management company and then for a manufacturing business.

He has more than 10 years of experience with data and data management, and has been involved in technical projects with a wide range of size and scope. He has experience working with all levels of personnel and management executives.

Over time, he has developed a great relationship with many consultants who are specialists in their area and is now utilizing this network of professionals to bring focused and cost-effective solutions to your business.

Todd has lived in the Winchester area since 1969. He and his wife, Kimberly, have 2 sons at home. They are all active in their church, and many community endeavors.